“Managing Your risk is Managing Your equity!”

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Whether your a consumer or producer, you’ll gain the insight into supply and demand for Beef, Cattle and Grains and understand how to better interpret the present fundamental and technical conditions affecting Cattle and Grain prices but provide the discipline that is necessary for a successful RISK MANAGEMENT program.

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These decisions will be from ROE or Risk per head goals from “Hedge Policy”! You will HEDGE designated percent at profit or loss you outlined in “Hedge Policy” and generally hold until the cattle are sold. Use “Percent to Hedge” for scale up selling or scale down buying. (Could have significant margin calls) If weather conditions change your costs, your hedge profit/loss objectives may change as well and positions should be reviewed and liquidated if necessary.

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Strategy 2 = PRICE RISK

These decisions come from monitoring and trading with the
CASH TREND. Short  Hedge Alternatives will be initiated when the cash price trend is identified as SW to DN (TRIGGER).  The goal is to protect ASSET values! Long Hedge Alternatives will be initiated when cash price trend
is identified as SW to UP (TRIGGER).  The goal is to protect LIABILITY costs! Be sure to sign up for our courses to learn this valuable step!  Protect your liability today!

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Strategy 3 = BASIS RISK

These decisions will  come from BASIS TRIGGERSStrengthening” or “Weakening”. It attempts to manage the NET shift in EQUITY through shifts in BASIS! The shift in NET EQUITY is the relationship between your ASSET or LIABILITY (grain or livestock) and corresponding FUTURES.  The measure of success is that the value of your asset is greater and/or the cost of the liability is less than doing nothing at all, at close out.  Signup to learn more!

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